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    • 2005-10-01 Product Information IKH-01 (Low-dose pill)/Conclusion of Phase III trials
    • 2005-09-01 Product Information NPC-02 (Zinc preparation)/Conclusion of Phase III trial (September). Start of long-term administration trial
    • 2005-09-01 Product Information NPC-03 (Injection-based Phenobarbital)/IND filed for Phase III clinical trial
    • 2005-06-01 Product Information NPC-03 (Injection-based Phenobarbital)/Discussions to determine the development of Product No. 4 and beyond (in the last half of the year)
    • 2005-05-01 Product Information NPC-03 (Injection-based Phenobarbital)/Commencement of Phase III trial (start of Institutional Review Board in May)
    • 2005-04-01 Product Information IKH-01 (Low-dose pill)/Close of patient entry for Phase III trials and long-term administration test
    • 2005-03-01 Product Information NPC-02 (Zinc preparation)/ Close of patient entry for Phase III trials
    • 2005-03-01 Product Information NPC-03 (Injection-based Phenobarbital)/Orphan drug designation
    • 2005-03-01 Product Information NPC-03 (Injection-based Phenobarbital)/Post PIIb face-to-face consultation with Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency
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