The history shows the progress of the company and is not intended to promote or advertise any drugs.

2003 June Company establishment
2004 April License agreement with Janssen (LUNABELL®)
License agreement with Teva in USA (NOBELZIN®)
2006 May Sales alliance with Fuji Pharma (LUNABELL®)
2007 April Sales alliance with Alfresa (NOBELZIN®)
June License agreement with Novatech in France (talc)
July Sales alliance with Nippon Shinyaku (LUNABELL®)
December License agreement with Pfizer (fosphenytoin)
2008 April Launch of NOBELZIN® for Wilson's disease
July Launch of LUNABELL® (mixed hormone)
December Launch of NOBELBAR® for neonatal seizures and status epilepticus
2009 March License agreement with Eisai (carmustine wafer for intracranial implantation)
November Opening of Osaka office
2010 June Opening of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka offices
December Additional indication of LUNABELL® (functional dysmenorrhea)
License agreement with Keocyt in France (streptozocin)
2011 March Sales alliance with Eisai (Fostoin®)
April Opening of Sapporo office
May Opening of Sendai office
Co-development agreement with Nippon Boehringer (anhydrous caffeine)
September License agreement with Clinigen in UK (Foscavir, antiviral chemotherapeutic)
2012 January Approval transfer from AstraZeneca (Foscavir)
Launch of Fostoin® for status epilepticus and prevention of postoperative seizure, Co-promotion with Eisai
Opening of Tokyo Distribution Center
February Launch of Foscavir through direct sales
June License agreement with Pfizer (sirolimus)
2013 January Launch of GLIADEL® for malignant glioma
Approval transfer from MSD (INDACIN®, COSMEGEN®)
June The 10th Anniversary
Opening of Omiya and Yokohama offices
September Launch of LUNABELL® tablets ULD for dysmenorrhea
Launch of Alabel® oral 1.5 g (aminolevulinic acid) for diagnosis of malignant glioma
December Approval transfer to Eisai (GLIADEL®)
Launch of Unitalc® for malignant pleural effusion
2014 September Collaboration with SRI International on endometriosis drug development
December Launch of RAPALIMUS®, world first drug for lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)
Launch of Respia® for apnea of prematurity
2015 February Launch of ZANOSAR® for malignant tumor (gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumor)
Launch of NOBELZIN® tablets
Received “the Japan Academic Society of Venture and Entrepreneurs Award”
October Sirolimus received the first “SAKIGAKE” fast-track designation for drugs
2016 February Titanium Bridge received the first “SAKIGAKE” fast-track designation for medical devices
November Marketing approval transferred to Clinigen KK (Foscavir)
2017 February Mr. Shiomura (Managing Director & CEO) won the Minister of Economic, Trade and Industry Prize at Japan Venture Awards 2017
March Additional indication for NOBELZIN® (hypozincemia)
2018 June Launch of RAPALIMUS® Gel for tuberous sclerosis-associated skin lesions
July Launch of TITANBRIDGE® for adductor spasmodic dysphonia
October Launch of JEMINA® for dysmenorrhea
2019 June Nobelpharma America, LLC established
December Launch of RETYMPA® for tympanic membrane perforation
2020 May Plusultra pharma GmbH established
June Launch of Melatobel® for sleep-onset difficulty associated with neurodevelopmental disorder in children
September Direct sales of Fostoin®
December Jiangsu Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. established
2021 Juiy Communications Depertment established in Administrative Affairs & Corporate Planning Division
Compliance Division established
September Additional indication for RAPALIMUS® (refractory lymphatic disease [lymphangioma (lymphatic malformation), lymphangiomatosis, Gorham's disease, lymphangiectasia])
Vaccine Business Division established
2022 January Domestic Sales & Marketing Division reorganized
March Additional indication for Unitalc® (inoperable secondary intractable pneumothorax)
Additional indication for LUNABELL® (coordinating the timing of initiation of modulated ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive technology)
Additional indication for JEMINA® (coordinating the timing of initiation of modulated ovarian stimulation in assisted reproductive technology)
HYFTOR® (sirolimus topical gel) approved by FDA
Vaccine Business Division renamed to Bio Business Division
August HYFTOR® (sirolimus topical gel) launched in the US
2023 February Launch of NOBELZIN® Granules 5% for Wilson's disease and hypozincemia
Start of “Inclusive,” information site for daily lives of chiltren with intractable diseases
March “xian luo li” (sirolimus topical gel) approved in China
April Launch of Zinc Kit “ACCUREAD Zn” (in-vitro diagnostic) and general-purpose spectrophotometric analyzer “ACCUREAD” (medical device)
May HYFTOR® (sirolimus topical gel) approved in EU
September HYFTOR® (sirolimus topical gel) approved in United Kingdom
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