Compliance Initiatives

1. Introduction

With our corporate mission, ”Contribute to Society by Providing Critical but Neglected Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices,” we have been giving many new products focused on orphan diseases to the world. We recognize our responsibilities as a company involved in people’s lives and health, and are placing importance on the compliance initiatives based not only on legal compliance but also on the high ethical standards .

2. Compliance Framework

The foundations of our corporate activities are our corporate mission, management policies, and code of conduct. Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. has been in business since June 2003, and has accelerated its overseas expansion with establishment of Nobelpharma America LLC (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) in June 2019, Plusultra pharma GmbH (Dusseldorf, Germany) in May 2020, and Jiangsu Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. (Taizhou, Jiangsu, China) in December 2020. The expansion of our presence overseas led us to institute the universal “global compliance policy,” where our corporate mission, management policies and code of conduct are newly compiled from global compliance point of view. We are striving to be a company trusted by society as all employees make a concerted effort to reinforce the compliance system.

※Global Compliance Policy

We Contribute to Society by Providing Critical but Neglected Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

For that purpose:

  • ・We always prioritize legal and ethical compliance in the course of business and never prioritize loyalty to the company over morals. To that end, we will make decisions and take action in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • ・We continue to meet challenges as a life-related company, and when faced with a difficult decision,we give priority to the patients’ benefit.
  • ・We always strive to ensure transparency and disclosure. We listen to the voice of the public and promote clear and effective communication with society.
  • ・We do not discriminate on the grounds of nationality, race, etc. to fully respect the human rights of all and better acknowledge each other’s diverse values.
  • ・We do not promote the use of our products in a way other than to communicate information on its proper use.
  • ・We always conduct business activities that consider the environmental impact on the communities.

3. Compliance Management System

Our Managing Director acts as an officer responsible for legal compliance, and appoints the Legal Compliance Officer (Head of Compliance Division) to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
The Legal Compliance Officer directs the Compliance Promotion Department, leads the compliance initiatives, and places the important issues related to compliance before as well as makes periodical reports on the status of corporate compliance to the Compliance Committee.

4. Whistleblowing System

For any actual or suspected violations of laws and regulations (including internal regulations, social ethics, and other norms), our Whistleblowing System provides three channels: ① Operational Reporting Lines, ② Internal Hotline, and ③ External Hotline.
We have put in place a comfortable environment for all whistleblowers to call in, and taken measures to protect the whistleblower confidentiality and to prevent unfair treatment of the whistleblowers.

5. Compliance Training and Monitoring

In order to ensure all employees to acquire the correct knowledge of compliance to be utilized for their behavior in the daily activities, the compliance manual is distributed and compliance training is implemented for all employees.

The decision-making and business conduct of all employees are audited and monitored for compliance with laws and regulations as well as internal regulations. In case any issues are identified as a result, improvement measures are prepared and implemented.

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Compliance Initiatives

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