Board Members

Board Members

Managing Director & CEO Jin Shiomuraprofile
Directors (part-time) Isamu Sojyo
(former Executive Managing Director of Japan Intellectual Property Association, former General Manager of Intellectual Property Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
Nobukuni Taneya
Takahisa Iizuka
Koichi Noda
(Inabata & Co., Ltd)
Toshio Miyata
(Director of Mih Clinic Yoyogi)
Audit & Supervisory Board Members (part-time) Yoshitaka Kishi
Tomoyasu Toyoda

Executive Officers

Vice President & COO Shigeki Shimasaki
(Head of Research & Development) profile
COO Arata Tabata
(Head of Business Development & IP Management)
Tetsuo Hayase
(Head of Supply Chain & Manufacturing)
Senior Executive Officers Hitoshi Yokoyama
(Head of Sales & Marketing)
Executive Officers Kenji Shimizu
(Deputy Head of Research & Development)
Masato Iwamoto
(General Manager of Supply Chain Management)
Yoshiki Yagi
(Head of Project Planning & Development)
Toshiaki Okamura
(Head of Regulatory Affairs)
Kozo Hayase
(Head of Administrative Affairs & Corporate Planning)
Yoshihide Yamamoto
(Head of President Office and Overseas Business Development, Chief of Director, Jiangsu Nobelpharma Co., Ltd.)
Hitoshi Hasegawa
(Head of PMS Regulatory Compliance & Assurance / General Marketing Compliance Officer)
Masanori Osakabe
(Deputy Head of Research & Development)
Yoshiki Kida
(President & CEO, Nobelpharma America, LLC)
Executive Directors Atsunori Iwao
(General Manager of Quality Assurance / Quality Assuarance Officer)
Takako Aburada
(General Manager of CMC Development)
Shigeru Doseki
(General Manager of Product Marketing Department 3)
Katsuhiro Kimura
(Region Manager of Saitama-Kanshinetsu Region)
Masahiko Tanaka
(General Manager of Clinical Research 3)
Masatomi Nemoto
(General Manager of Pharmacovigilance / Safety Management Officer)
Yasuo Suga
(Deputy Head of Sales and Marketing)
Tsutomu Iwasa
(Region Manager of Kansai Region)
Makoto Matsuda
(Region Manager of Tokyo Region)
Yasuo Satake
(General Manager of HR & General Affairs)
Takahiro Yamasaki
(President & CEO, Plusultra pharma GmbH)
Weidong Chen
(General Manager, Jiangsu Nobelpharma Co., Ltd.)
Motomichi Kono
(General Manager of Intellectual Property)
Nobuyuki Sato
(General Manager of Digital Transformation)
Yumi Imai
(General Manager of PMS Regulatory Compliance)

Manufacturing/Marketing Triumvirate

General Marketing Compliance Officer Hitoshi Hasegawa
Quality Assurance Officer Atsunori Iwao
Safety Management Officer Masatomi Nemoto


Jin Shiomura,
Managing Director & CEO

Jin Shiomura started his career at Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) in 1977, as graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University. In 1981, he was sent abroad to study at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, where he took Management Accounting and Marketing courses. On his return to Japan, he became the product manager for Theodur, the first pharmaceutical product that Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation launched. He was responsible for the sales agreement and pricing negotiations as well as additional indication and formulation projects. He continued on his career path during which he twice received the President Awards as recognition for his successful marketing of Novastan and Cholebine showing his abilities as a marketing manager for various new drugs.

With his strategies rich in entrepreneurial spirit, he has a proven track record in medical and pharmaceutical fields of operational reforms, research and development, new business establishment, and concurrent position of director at six subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, along with various academic achievements including a number of published articles and as an Advisory Board Member at the 17th World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research (held in 2001 in Winnipeg, Canada). Throughout his career, he has also built his network with medical specialists around the world.

To present, he has been Managing Director and CEO since his establishment of Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. in 2003. In November 2020, he was appointed as the Ambassador to the Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine, University of Oxford.


Shigeki Shimasaki,
Vice President & COO (Head of Research & Development)

Shigeki Shimasaki graduated from School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo in 1980. After joining Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo (now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), he engaged primarily in the pharmaceutical development, and worked also in the fields of medical affairs and marketing planning. Notably, he received a President Award as a recognition of his significant contribution to the statistical analysis work as a head of statistical analysis and data management unit. As directed a large domestic clinical trial of 1,500 cases and established company restructure and operational policies for the enforcement of ICH-GCP (Good Clinical Practice) standards among other achievements he made, he has extensive experiences and a proven track record in research and development.

Since getting aboard Nobelpharma in 2007, he held key senior posts such as Head of Research & Development before assuming the current position.


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