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Critical but neglected
- precisely why it must be created

We, Nobelpharma, born in 2003 to fulfill the mission of "Contribute to medical care by developing, manufacturing and delivering essential medicines that other company do not pursue," have obtained marketing approvals for new drugs in numbers on par with large pharmaceutical companies in a little more than 10 years, and have been providing these drugs to patients. What lies behind such achievement is our unique corporate philosophy we take much pride in.

Nobelpharma's Mission

As we passed the 10-year milestone, we revised our corporate mission.
"Contribute to society by providing critical but neglected pharmaceuticals and medical devices." This is our mission.

We contribute to society by developing curative drugs and medical devices for diseases that large pharmaceutical companies do not pursue for various reasons such as small market sizes and delivering these drugs and devices to where they are needed.

Nobelpharma's Dedication

We keep our commitment to the field of unmet needs rather than therapeutic fields from a patient perspective. Putting ourselves in the position of the people who are looking forward to our research progress, we focus assiduous efforts on research and development of drugs for unmet needs, such as drugs for intractable and/or rare diseases.

Nobelpharma's Future

Since our foundation in 2003, we have brought a great number of new drugs into the world. (Go to Products)

We keep up to further evolve by developing First-In-Class (world's most innovative) and Best-In-Class (world's best) drugs, aiming to launch business overseas (whole world) from Japan.

Our effort continues in order to "contribute to society by providing critical but neglected pharmaceuticals and medical devices."

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