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Necessary but neglected
- That is precisely why it must be created.

We, Nobelpharma, born in 2003 to fulfill the mission of "Contribute to medical care by developing, manufacturing and delivering essential medicines that other company do not pursue," have obtained approvals for the manufacture and sales of new drugs in numbers on par with large pharmaceutical companies in a little more than 10 years, and we have been providing these drugs to patients. We take much pride in the corporate philosophy that is unique to Nobelpharma that made this possible.

Nobelpharma's Mission

As we passed the 10-year milestone, we have revised our company mission.
"Contribute to society by providing necessary but neglected pharmaceuticals and medical devices." This is Nobelpharma's Mission.

We contribute to society by developing curative drugs and medical devices for diseases that large pharmaceutical companies overlook (because of the small number of patients or for other reasons), and to deliver these drugs and devices where they are needed.

Nobelpharma's Dedication

From a patient perspective, Nobelpharma is dedicated to fulfilling unmet requirements, rather than just therapeutic ones. We put ourselves in the position of people who are looking forward to our company's research results, and focus assiduous efforts on research and development of pharmaceuticals for unmet requirements, such as pharmaceuticals for intractable and / or rare diseases.

Nobelpharma's Future

Since Nobelpharma was founded in 2003, our company has brought a great number of new drugs into the world.(Go to Products

We will continue to further evolve by developing First-In-Class (world's most innovative) & Best-In-Class (world's best) drugs, aiming at a wide launch from Japan to overseas (whole world).

Our company's effort continues for the purpose of making a "Contribution to society by providing necessary but neglected pharmaceuticals and medical devices."

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