Board Members, Manufacturing/Marketing TriumvirateCompany

Board Members

President & CEOJin Shiomuraprofile
Directors (part-time)Isamu Sojyo
(former Executive Managing Director of Japan Intellectual Property Association, former General Manager of Intellectual Property Department at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)
Nobukuni Taneya
Takahisa Iizuka
Koichi Noda
(Inabata & Co., Ltd)
Toshio Miyata
(Director of Mih Clinic Yoyogi)
Audit & Supervisory Board Members (part-time)Yoshitaka Kishi
Tomoyasu Toyoda

Executive Officers

Vice President & COOShigeki Shimasaki
(Head of Research & Development / PMS Regulatory Compliance & Assurance)profile
COOArata Tabata
(Head of Business Development & IP Management)
Senior Executive Officers Tetsuo Hayase
(Head of Supply Chain & Manufacturing)
Hitoshi Yokoyama
(Head of Sales & Marketing)
Executive Officers Kenji Shimizu
(Deputy Head of Research & Development)
Masato Iwamoto
(General Manager of Supply Chain Management)
Yoshiki Yagi
(Head of Project Planning & Development)
Toshiaki Okamura
(Head of Regulatory Affairs)
Kozo Hayase
(Head of Administrative Affairs & Corporate Planning)
Yoshihide Yamamoto
(Head of President Office and Overseas Business Development)
Hitoshi Hasegawa
(Head of PMS Regulatory Compliance & Assurance / General Marketing Compliance Officer)
Executive Directors Masanori Osakabe
(Deputy Head of Research & Development)
Atsunori Iwao
(General Manager of Quality Assurance / Quality Assuarance Officer)
Takako Aburada
(General Manager of CMC Development)
Shigeru Doseki
(Region Manager of Tokyo Region)
Katsuhiro Kimura
(Region Manager of Saitama-Kanshinetsu Region)
Yoshiki Kida
(President & CEO, Nobelpharma America, LLC)
Masahiko Tanaka
(General Manager of Clinical Research 3)
Masatomi Nemoto
(General Manager of Pharmacovigilance / Safety Management Officer)
Yasuo Suga
(Deputy Head of Sales and Marketing)
Tsutomu Iwasa
(Region Manager of Kansai Region)
Makoto Matsuda
(Region Manager of Hokkaido/Tohoku Region)
Yasuo Satake
(General Manager of HR & General Affairs)
Takahiro Yamasaki
(Managing Director-Elect of Nobelpharma subsidiary to be established in Europe)
Weidong Chen
(Director of Overseas Business Development)

Manufacturing/Marketing Triumvirate

General Marketing Compliance OfficerHitoshi Hasegawa
Quality Assurance OfficerAtsunori Iwao
Safety Management OfficerMasatomi Nemoto


Mr. Jin Shiomura,
President (Representative Director) & CEO

Mr. Shiomura graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University in 1977, and then joined Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo, now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. There he was engaged in the sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and worked as a Project Manager, until he was sent abroad to study at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University in 1981, where he took Management Accounting and Marketing courses. On his return to Japan he became the Product Manager for Theodur, the first pharmaceutical product that Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation launched. He was responsible for pre-sales negotiations for the conclusion of the basic sales agreement, as well as pricing negotiations and additional indications and dosage forms. He continued to show his abilities as Marketing Manager for various new drugs. He twice received the President Award as recognition for the successful marketing of Novastan in 1996, and Cholebine in 1999.
In 1999 he was assigned to Mitsubishi Tokyo Pharmaceuticals, now Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, where he created and led a department that specialized in additional indications and dosage forms for pharmaceuticals that were already on the market. From 2001, when the company became Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation, he was responsible for the Strategic Products Life Cycle Management Special Division, where he engaged in the planning and promotion of additional indications.

Mr. Shiomura has consistently achieved tremendous results through strategies rich in entrepreneurial spirit. He initiated operational reforms in medical and pharmaceutical fields, and played key roles in research and development and the establishment of new businesses. He concurrently served as a Director of six subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. A number of his papers have been published, and he was an Advisory Board Member at the 17th World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research (held in 2001 in Winnipeg, Canada), among his achievements and activities that have gained him many acquaintances among medical specialists both in Japan and overseas.

While at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, he was named the first General Manager of the company’s Health Care Planning Department on April 2002, and assumed the position of Director of 5 of the 7 medical subsidiaries under the control of this department, namely Mitsubishi Chemicals Safety Institute Ltd., Mitsubishi Chemicals Medical, Dia-Iatron, Zoegene and GenCom. He acted as Auditor of Mitsubishi Kagaku BCL and Member of the Reformation Committee of Mitsubishi Chemicals Safety Institute Ltd. He was deeply committed to developing the medical businesses of those companies, including Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation, as Manager for their consolidation and capital policy.

Mr. Shiomura left Mitsubishi and established Nobelpharma Co., Ltd., becoming its President (Representative Director) & CEO, in June 2003.


Mr. Eiji Suzuki,
Part-Time Director

Mr. Suzuki is an Adviser at Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. and consulting with the Company on overall development operations. Over a period of 5 years from 1997 as Managing Director at Nikken Chemicals, he achieved great results directing research and development operations toward application approvals, with development applications for 5 products, approvals granted for 4 products, breakthrough formulation technology (controlled-release tablets) for 1 product completed and licensed-out, guiding and introducing effective development methods to the company in a short time.

Mr. Suzuki graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo in 1963, and served for 34 years at Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation, now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. From the time that he joined its Pharmaceuticals Business Planning Division in 1971, the year that marked the dawn of pharmaceuticals for the company, he was continuously involved in and contributed to the launch and development of the company’s pharmaceuticals business, for over 26 years. He spent 12 years leading the company’s first pharmaceuticals business, Steroid Ingredients, to success, He was involved in all operations including planning, development, industrialization, FDA inspection, product launch, up to the derivative product planning for this business, which was the first of its kind in Japan. He joined the company’s Pharmaceuticals Development Division in 1980, and successively held the positions of Development Group Leader, General Manager of Clinical Development, Administrative Officer and Planning Division Head, mainly taking leadership in the development of new drugs. He had many notable successes during his 17 years in office at the Pharmaceuticals Development Division. He led the development of Kerlong as a beta blocker with a high degree of differentiation and competitiveness. He gained indication of the antithrombotic agent, Novastan for cerebral thrombosis by using clinical evaluation methods that were new in the field of cerebral infarction. He was continuously involved in the development, from drug design up to the approval of Antebate, an extremely strong external corticoid in the field of steroids, and now a leading product in the same field, and its introduction to Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. These are all achievements that were particularly notable, and led to obtaining approvals for 14 products including other initial pharmaceuticals at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

In addition, Mr. Suzuki was a Committee Member on local development projects at the Japan Science and Technology Agency of the Science and Technology Agency (STA), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, between 1999 and 2003. He became a certified Pharmacist in 1977.


Mr. Shigeki Shimasaki,
COO & Head of Research & Development

Mr. Shimasaki, before joining Nobelpharma Co., Ltd., was constantly involved in pharmaceutical research and development operations at the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation Group, and contributed to obtaining approvals for 8 products including Radicut. In addition, being responsible for the clinical data management division, he also greatly contributed to the planning and promotion of clinical trials in Japan and overseas.

After graduating from the School of Health Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tokyo in 1980, he joined Mitsubishi Kasei Corp., now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, and was immediately assigned to the Pharmaceuticals Development Division. He worked on the application for Theodur’s import license, and was engaged in survey and planning operations of new development themes. He also worked on clinical development of liver supporting medicine, recombinant hepatitis B vaccine and antithrombotic drug, Argatroban. From 1990, he worked in operations at the Medical Information Division and the Sales Planning Division, to provide technical support for sales activities. Fom 1992, he also became responsible for the Clinical Data Management Division of the Pharmaceuticals Development Division where he was involved in each step of clinical trials carried out in Japan and overseas, from planning to analysis. His contribution to statistical analysis operations for obtaining approvals for the manufacture of Argatroban (cerebral thrombosis) and Radicut (cerebral infarction), was notably recognized, which led him to win the President Award in 2001. Assuming the role of General Manager of Clinical Development from 2002, he directed large clinical trials of 1,500 samples in Japan, as well as post-marketing clinical trials for Radicut, tests for additional indication for Omeprazole, and tests for additional indication for Urso.

Mr. Shimasaki has many other achievements, having experienced development operations in various aspects he was also involved in the restructuring of the company and the development of operational policies before and after the enforcement of the new GCP (Good Clinical Practice) standards in Japan.


Mr. Tsutomu Sugaya,
COO & Head of President Office

Mr. Sugaya joined Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. in 2008 as CFO & Head of Corporate Planning, and became Executive Officer in 2011. He graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Hitotsubashi University in 1974, and he joined Mitsubishi Kasei Kogyo, now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, in the same year. From 1977, he was involved in the planning and promotion of overseas businesses with a focus on M&A at the Overseas Division. He made an equity participation in Key Pharmaceuticals in the United States in 1979, and promoted the introduction of Theodur, the company’s sustained release asthma drug. He resided in Rio de Janeiro from 1980 to 1984, as Director & Head of Administrative Affairs of Mitsubishi Kasei Corp. in Brazil. He was responsible for the coordination between shareholders and licensing of technology of 3 companies merging with the National Brazilian Petrochemical Company. On his return to Japan he started up sales planning at the Pharmaceutical Business Division for Theodur right after its launch. He then moved to the Pharmaceuticals Planning Division where he worked his way through the field of corporate planning of the Pharmaceutical Business Division, with the integration of Mitsubishi Yuka Pharmaceutical, the foundation of Kasei Synthelabo, the comprehensive partnership with Genentech inc., and capitalization strategies for Tokyo Tanabe / Nikken Chemicals / Nippon Shinyaku. From 1994 to 1997, as Deputy Director of the Corporate Planning Division of the new-born Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, he worked in strategic planning for RD, pharmaceutical diagnosis businesses for the entire company, management conferences, and secretariat of the review board for capital outlays, investments and loans. He was the mastermind of the birth of Mitsubishi Tokyo Pharmaceuticals. From 1997 to 1999, he displayed his abilities as Deputy Director of the Pharmaceuticals Overseas Division, in the coordination, progress management and technology transfer of business projects with licensing partners overseas. In 1999, at the start of Mitsubishi Tokyo Pharmaceuticals, he became responsible for the business strategies, product planning of OTC drugs, health food products and intermediates. At that time even though he devoted himself to the development of those businesses, he couldn’t bear to see Salomethyl, to which he felt a strong personal attachment, leave the OTC business at Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation, and left his assignor company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation on good terms in 2002. He joined APO Plus Station Co., Ltd. in 2003 and as Head of the Contract Sales Organization (CSO) Business Division, Managing Director and COO, and there he framed a new departure for the CSO Business Model. In 2006, through a management buyout of the company’s Call Center Business targeting pharmaceutical companies, he founded Medical Line Co., Ltd., and was appointed as Representative Director and CEO. During that period between 2003 and 2006, as a Board Member of the CSO International Organization, Global Resources, he presided CSO international conferences in Tokyo in 2004 and 2006. In the CSO business, he participated anew in the foundation of Medical Resource Inc. and became President but withdrew due to a change in the management policy.

At the Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Legal Affairs Association, he led research survey activities as Chairperson of the Research Group on Medical Issues from 1992 to 1993, and assumed the role of Vice-Chairperson of the Research Group Steering Committee as Organizer between 1993 and 1994. In addition, as one of the founders of Medical Line Co., Ltd., after retiring from his post as CEO, he became Director, Supreme Adviser, and took up the post of Special Adviser, which he has continued to hold up to the present day.

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